About the Lingenfelter Collection

What started out as five cars packed into a modest three-car garage has since grown into a beautiful collection of more than 150 unique cars in a 40,000 square foot space. It has been an amazing and exciting transformation.

Today, the Collection holds a variety of Corvettes, muscle cars, and exotics. Several vehicles in the Collection are among the most rare automobiles in the world, including a Bugatti Veyron, an Enzo Ferrari, and a Lamborghini Reventón.

Since the Lingenfelter name is synonymous with Corvettes, it might be surprising that the first collector car that started it all wasn’t even a Corvette. It was a 1969 Jaguar XKE, which has since departed to make room for all of the other magnificent cars that are now a part of the collection.

Corvettes definitely make a strong appearance in the Collection, as approximately 40 percent of the Collection is dedicated to the Chevy muscle car, boasting some phenomenal new and classic editions. The range of Corvettes in the Collection is simply stunning – from an extremely rare ’53 Supercharged Corvette, to the 1955 Duntov Test Mule (the first true high performance Corvette), to a ‘77 Corvette Coupe (the first Corvette in the collection), to a brand new 2010 Lingenfelter-powered ZR1.

The Collection continues to evolve – we are continually searching for the latest and greatest rare exotics and superior muscle car editions. We are also striving to collect vehicles that are significant to our heritage—vehicles from John Lingenfelter’s racing history. Most notably wanted for the collection: the 1988 Lingenfelter-powered Callaway ‘Sledgehammer’ Corvette, which, at an astounding 900+ horsepower, John Lingenfelter piloted to a record-holding pass of 254.76 mph. Impressive, to say the least.

In addition to a passion for collecting rare and unique automobiles, the Lingenfelter Collection is also actively involved in many charities, including, but not limited to those in support of breast cancer research, juvenile diabetes, youth organizations, as well as many others. It has shown tremendous dedication over the years by raising money through tours and other private showings to help benefit almost any charity that has a sound cause.

While the collection currently is not open to the public, it is available for corporate and charity events, silent and live auctions, and car-club specialty showings. For more information on the collection, or to learn about availability and scheduling an event, please call (248) 486-5342 Ext. 10.